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So you have decided to go on a road trip to Darwin. You have determined travel dates and how long you plan to stay. You have even decided on a campervan hire and have arranged where to camp for the night. So there really is one thing left to do: listing down what you and your travel companions would do in Darwin once you arrive. Luckily, we have listed 5 activities you should not miss out on.

  1. Window On The Wetlands Tour  – If you want to experience the natural landscapes and wildlife of Darwin and the rest of the North coast wetlands, go on the Window On The Wetlands tour. There are a number of interactive and educational exhibits that showcase the one-of-a-kind ecology of the region. Not only that, the tour gives visitors great insight into Abroginal and European history.
  2. Go on a Qantas Hangar Tour – Any automotive enthusiast will enjoy spending a day going on a Qantas Hangar Tour. Established in 1920, Qantas began with one aircraft that was primarily used for joy rides and the occasional mail delivery. Fast forward 14 years, Darwin had become an important part of air service between Europe and Australia, that Qantas had built a steel hangar in the outskirts of the city. The hangar was damaged by Japanese bombs in 1942 but was later on fixed, sold and eventually was leased by the Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Club in 1999. Today, the hangar is known as the “man cave” to end all man caves as it is home to classic cars, engines, and even a steam train.
  3. Hike Up Edith Falls – Edith Falls is located in Nitmilluk National Park and is famous for its breathtaking views of the river, waterfalls cascading down the gully and tier after tier of rock pools. Edith Falls, in fact, is considered one of the most beautiful and underrated natural attractions in Australia. The best time to visit is between May and September, during the clear, dry season although the falls are never dried out through the year. Make sure to bring swimsuits and prepare for a day of fun.
  4. Visit Darwin Botanic Gardens – Darwin is home to unique ecosystems and landscapes and you can experience this firsthand when you visit Darwin Botanic Gardens. The gardens were designed and built to encompass vast flora endemic to the region as well as from Tiwil Island and Arnhem Land. There are also plenty of exhibits that feature replicas of woodlands, monsoon forests, coastal dunes and mangroves. There are more than 450 species of plants housed in the gardens and is only botanical garden in the world that has successfully housed natural exhibits of estuary and marine plants.
  5. Crocodylus Park Tour – If you are a reptile enthusiast, then you should not pass up spending a day at Crocodylus Park in Darwin. The tours emphasize education, conservation, and research of the animals and guests can even talk to the handlers and researchers that spend much time studying the reptiles. The museum is also a great way to brush up on your crocodile trivia, afterwards you can go outside to see freshwater crocodiles up close, as well as the bigger saltwater crocs. There are also a number of crocodile species from Papua New Guinea and The Philippines as well as American alligators. Oh, and there are also iguana, emus, lions, Burmese pythons, monkey, red kangaroos and more.

From cultural tours to hiking trails and close encounters with animals, there is certainly no shortage of things to do in Darwin. Whether you are in the city for the first time or a returning visitor, there is always something to do in Darwin and the rest of the region.
Darwin is also an absolutely epic region for fishing, and is one of the rare places one can catch the native jungle perch. For local fishing gear, we recommend using an Australian fishing tackle shop which can deliver to even the most remote regions within 2 days if ordered express.

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For those who have holidays planned off work in September but do not yet know where they are going to go, we have prepared for you a list of trendy hotels in Majorca to make the choice easier for you. Majorca? Yes, it is the ideal place for prolonging the summer until the very end; with the crystalline water of the Mediterranean, the stunning coves, fun beach bars, hikes through the mountains, dinner in small villages in the seafront…

Hotels to go with children

Majorca is your destination. Even more so if you go with children. We know that travelling with the kids is a bit more difficult than travelling alone or with your partner. But, in any case, the solution is clear: choose a good hotel where the little ones have lots to do so you can enjoy the spaces and have time for yourself to relax.

What to ask for from a hotel in Majorca for the kids: a kids club is top priority as it will give you a lot more free time. The kids will enjoy themselves to no end, learning from their companions and monitors, making new friends and having a great time practicing sports and playing outdoors. If we want more, why not a pool with water games where they will always be watched over. Other interesting factors could be leisure activities and entertainment other than what is offered at the mini club; room sizes- whether or not they are adapted for families; the buffet and the ease of enjoying the destination away from the hotel.

Hotels to go with your partner

Undoubtedly easier as Majorca is an island full of plans for 2. If you want relaxation, endless nights, sport, shopping, art and history, then this island has all of this, as much in the capital, Palma, as in the different and charming traditional villages.

What to ask for from a hotel in Majorca for a couples holiday: something adapted to your hobbies and preferences. If you love nature and want to discover the scenery, hiking trails and natural caves, the best thing to do is look for a hotel near the Tramuntana Mountain Range. You can choose between the west and the north coast. Both have good access points to the trails for walking, running or cycling, among other sports. If you prefer to relax and look after your health whilst relieving stress, book a hotel with a spa or wellness area, that has either an indoor or outdoor pool, massage cabins and yoga or fitness classes on the beachfront. And if what you like to do is try new food, try the dining offer. Many hotels offer exclusive restaurants, themed meals, special days and local dishes for those who want to experience the true side to Majorca.

In regards to the current availability of hotels in Majorca for September there are many special offers available from the island’s own hotel chains. One that stands out as an example is Gran Isla which offers themed hotels orientated around specific clientele, families and relaxing holidays. There are located on the west coast of the island, like Santa Ponsa, where you will find Plazamar Serenity Resort, Pirates Village Apartments and Jutlandia Family Resort.

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